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Can You Spot The Difference Between Obama’s And Trump’s Inauguration Tickets?

After looking at these two tickets I want to learn more…

Washington, D.C., hosts millions of visitors for each and every Presidential Inauguration. The event is seen as a peaceful transition of power and an inspirational time of new beginnings. Of course, the DC Metro system plays a large role in the process, as it transports the majority of the people to the event.


Two million people attended President Barack Obama’s second inauguration, many of them traveling on this system:


Each year, the DC Metro system creates a commemorative Inauguration Day card as a way for people to celebrate and remember their attendance at the historic event. Given the wild nature of the 2016 Presidential Election, and the vast differences between current President Barack Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump, it is no surprise that people are noticing the differences between this year’s cards and those from Obama’s Inauguration.

It is apparent that liberals are lamenting the exit of a black president and his replacement by a white man. While most of us look beyond race and color, liberals and Democrats are obsessed with it. To add insult to injury, Hillary Clinton lost, so liberals cannot look forward to seeing a female being inaugurated.

Take a look at the two tickets, below:

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Vastly different, right?

For reference, here is the ticket from Obama’s first Inauguration in 2009:


The Washington Post offered one explanation for the difference:

In a statement Wednesday, Metro said there’s a simple reason that Trump’s grin is not similarly featured on the 2017 card: Metro didn’t have permission.

“Metro requested permission to use a photo, but received no response from the campaign,” the statement said. “Due to the long lead time to produce the cards, the new pass commemorates the national celebration of the 58th Presidential Inauguration.”

Why could this be? Is there ore to the story? Trump’s Team has addressed the issue in a small way.

I believe that Trump and his team have a trick up their sleeve regarding this card and the mysterious sleeve. We will find out in a few weeks, won’t we?



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