Can You Spot The Huge Mistake On This Wedding Invitation That Caused It To Go Viral?

Weddings are full of tiny but important details…

Weddings are so busy that often, people who get engaged and spend several months planning a wedding express regret about the entire process. Sometimes, eloping seems to have been a better option.

The groom-to-be picks out an engagement ring and once he comes up with a plan to propose, things pick up speed quickly. Normally, the guy gives a speech and drops to one knee, at a restaurant or a beautiful outdoor setting, and if the girl says “Yes,” the to-do lists start, almost immediately.

Most couple do engagement photos with engagement announcements and a “save the date” memo. One trend is to print refrigerator magnets with the engagement photos and a save the date message.

The wedding venue and the reception venue have to be chosen, and bridesmaids and groomsmen must be chosen. The flowers, the food, the music, the accommodations, and more must be chosen with careful attention to the fine details. Even the seating arrangements are important, as family drama can unfold if the seating is not to the liking of one party or another.

Many times, the wedding photographer runs the schedule, as they know what photos need to be taken at given moments during the day. Even the wedding official does not know the best way to accomplish an itinerary. No wonder wedding planners are able to stay in business and earn their paychecks!

One couple, recently, became the brunt of jokes, and eventually became a viral phenomenon, but sending out wedding invitations that have a massive and hilarious flaw.

Take a look. Can you spot the issue that so many have laughed about?


Video report below:

Do you believe that the bride is embarrassed or did she just roll with it? With millions of people viewing the invite, it is quite a phenomenon.


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