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Donald Trump: ‘My Administration Will Follow TWO SIMPLE RULES’

Easy to understand, simple, and brilliant!

President-Elect Donald Trump won because people are tired of the status quo and the corruption that has plagued government for centuries now. He ran as a Republican, though he is such an outsider that he has been butting heads since the inception of his campaign.

In some ways, Trump is anti-Republican, at least, in that, he appears to want to shake of the establishment and rid it of corrupt, lying career politicians. Drain the Swamp, as they say.

He is certainly anti-Hillary, who, over the span of a career in politics, spread a message of peace, hope, and unity, while working behind the scenes to profit from war, poverty, racism, and divisiveness.

The old, establishment rules are complicated and lacking in integrity. The American Electorate chose Donald Trump as a symbol of a new way. People are demanding integrity in government.

As expected, Trump has continued his controversial use of Twitter. As he says, “My use of Twitter as President is better than a bunch of dishonest reporters.”

True enough.

Trump’s recent Tweet announced two simple rules that he and his Administration plan to follow.

The link from the Tweet leads to this Instagram image:

My Administration will follow two simple rules: BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN! #USA

A photo posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

So far, the American culture is responding positively to Trump’s message.

  • US Consumer Confidence Climbed To 15-Year High In December

AP reports:

The Conference Board said Tuesday that its consumer confidence index climbed to 113.7 in December, up from 109.4 in November and the highest since it reached 114 in August 2001. It’s another sign consumers are confident in the aftermath of a divisive election campaign.

  • Trump Stock Market Rally

From The Hill:

The U.S. stock market rallied to new highs in the weeks following Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States. The “Trump rally” was strongest in segments of the market projected to benefit the most from policy changes under his administration. Small company, financial services and energy stocks were among the winners…

What is not to like?


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