What Was That Noise? Does Anyone Feel A Draft In Here? [WATCH]

Blacking out at 60MPH makes a big mess!

A gentleman diagnosed with diabetes one week prior had been given a new prescription that hadn’t been agreeing with him. This was the outcome of his first blackout.

He left the roadway, through a field, a tree, a fence, into my master bedroom, through my back yard about 100yds and through the back property fence before resting to a stop. He doesn’t remember any of it. His GMC Sierra took it very well with all airbags deploying and the driver suffered no injuries from the accident. He hit the house at an estimated 60mph and traveled 150yds further.

Thank goodness no one was hurt. Check out this additional angle:

Unfortunately, mishaps happen. This man is probably otherwise fine but his body let the diabetes take over at precisely the wrong moment. Hopefully, he will be able to get the blood sugar under control long enough to live a normal life.

Speaking of body performance, this girl had the best and the worst all in one moment. She is clearly strong and can probably lift more than you or me. On this day, however, her strength demonstration came with a price.

Take a look, below:

Sometimes, it is not a human body that gives out, but an animal one. This family had been enjoying a nice Holiday and decided to gather up for photos. The picture turned out great, though the poor blonde in the front row got a surprise that she was not expecting.


What did we do before security cameras and smartphones were found almost everywhere? One thing is certain, we now have more entertainment to enjoy! Or to cry about…

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