Husband Accidentally Sends A Snapchat To The Wrong Person.. His Wife Loses It!

If you are going to be dishonest, you have to be just a little bit smart…

So this guy’s original story was that he was trying to send some seductive snapchat content to his own wife. He started a frisky conversation, and got a surprising image in return.

Take a look:


Hot, right? Being the loyal, devoted man that he is, and realizing that the woman is not his wife, he responded with this:


He sent this pic (cool nipple piercing, dude NOT!) Turns out, the woman he was sending crazy nudes to was his wife’s hot friend! Unfortunately, for him, the friend is far more loyal than he is. She gathered up her courage and contacted the wife.


Uhoh. Busted for the photo. But the wife’s friend was not finished yet:


So, naturally, the wife COMPLETELY WENT OFF and confronted her selfie-snapping husband. The sad result? Exactly what you might expect.


It truly is sad, but, unfortunately, this is not the only time a male has gotten in trouble by sending crazy messages to more than one girl.

Consider this guy, who, feeling nostalgic, or something at Christmas, decided to text all of his ex-girlfriends in a Merry Ex-Mas message. What could possibly go wrong?

Smartphones and the Internet help people to “connect,” don’t they? If you are going to be dishonest, you need to be smart. On the other hand, all of us need to keep an eye out for people in our lives who are lying to us. With just a bit of thought, we can become better at identifying when someone is lying to us.

Consider these techniques. I have noticed many of these things before but did not realize what I was seeing.

Hopefully, this will help you to avoid the problems that the people above experienced!


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