RACIST LIBERALISM: Obama Just Defined One CRAZY Requirement For ‘Blackness’

Obsessed with race, liberals are the biggest racists of all

Liberals and Democrats have been obsessed with race for decades. President-Elect Donald Trump’s thrashing of Hillary Clinton in the Election of 2016 has sent them into race-ranting overdrive and we will likely deal with it throughout Trump’s Presidency. They have been so focused on race, and enjoying the tenure of America’s first “black” President (even though Obama is 1/2 black) for so long, that they cannot fathom that one of their defined minorities is not in The White House. Hillary would have been a female President, a concept they had grown accustomed to. It is hard for Democrats to fathom a wealthy white man back in charge.

Race-obsession in government is truly a high-form of racism, isn’t it? To focus on factors like race to such a high-degree causes judgements of people without considering who they really are. When laws are crafted based on race, racism is institutionalized.

Why do we simply start treating one another fairly rather than making constant judgements based on perceptions of race? We will only move past “racism” when we stop focusing on it and actually consider what is true and important.

Speaking of perceptions: Obama was asked, in an interview for The Atlantic, “how he came to think of himself as black?” That is a bizarre question, isn’t it? Obama’s answer is even more bizarre, and it highlights the liberal preoccupation with race.

“Well, part of my understanding of race is that it’s more of a social construct than a biological reality. And in that sense, if you are perceived as African-American, then you’re African-American. Now, you can — that can mean a whole lot of things,” he stated.

So, color of skin has nothing to do with it? It is a “social construct” but not a “biological reality?” Think of the implications of Obama’s definition.

If the government favors blacks, because they are oppressed and they deserve it, but they have a loose, bizarre definition of blackness, how can fairness or equality ever be achieved?

The notion is so silly that it makes one’s head spin. How about just treating people fairly from the beginning, and giving this all-encompassing focus on race a rest, for once?

We all want to live in a post-racism world, but it will not happen as long as liberals and Democrats cling to faulty ideas from the past.


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