Weatherman Shows Millions How To Instantly Defrost A Windshield In Viral VIDEO

A technique so brilliant that it has 20 million views and counting!

There are few things worse than running out the front door on a cold morning, late for work, to find that you are totally unprepared to clear the frost off of your windshield. Years ago, military installations in cold environments had to address problems with troops who tried to scrape their windshields with ID cards so that they would not be late for work. Inevitably, a trooper would scrape only a small portion of the windshield in their haste to get on the road, and would not be able to see enough to safely drive their car in winter conditions.

If only these poor super-troopers had seen this viral video from Ken Weathers of Tennesee’s WATE 6 News. Ken’s video is so wild popular that people watch it, safely defrost their windshields, then return to the video the next time it is cold. The video has been viewed almost 5 million times on Youtube and more than 16 million on Facebook.

The best part about it? Ken’s technique can be used with items you likely have in your house. No need to waste gas warming up the car for 30 minutes or more to defrost your car. Also, don’t EVER spray hot water on your windshield. You can break it!

Watch below for yourself:

So, here again is the solution. Mix 1 part water with 2 parts rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol, in a bottle, then spray it on your windshield. Why does it work? Rubbing alcohol has a freezing point 128 degrees below freezing. If you keep the mixture in your car, it will never freeze!

If your door locks, or even your doors, are frozen shut, you can spray the mixture there to solve the problem. Give a bottle of this to every member of your family and then they will not have to worry about it!

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