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Ford Cancels $1.6 Billion Mexico Plant In Massive Announcement – THE TRUMP EFFECT!

Trump’s “America First” philosophy strikes again!

The people of America, and especially those in Michigan, just received great news from the Ford Motor Company. The blockbuster move is being attributed to President-Elect Donald Trump’s America First philosophy.

Trump has not even been inaugurated yet, and companies are starting to rethink their operations with the welfare of the American worker and the American economy in mind.

The news is breaking worldwide, with Twitter lighting up:

President-Elect Trump is stoked about the news!

It is being said that the move by Ford is an expression of a “vote of confidence” for Trump.

The move has been announced just as Trump attacked General Motors for production plans of the Chevrolet Cruze model.

The Wall Street Journal reported: President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday took aim at General Motors Co. over cars that it imports from Mexico to U.S. dealers, and Ford Motor Co. in a surprising turnaround said it was scrapping plans for a new small-car factory in Mexico.

We are today announcing that we are investing $700 M to transform Flat Rock into a new manufacturing & innovation center,” Ford CEO Mark Fields said at a press conference held this morning at the plant.

Trump’s vow to Make America Great Again is happening weeks before his inauguration!



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