Here’s Why You Should Never Put Q-Tips In Your Ears

Gross but true…

How often do you use q-tips to clean your ears? Some of us do it daily. We have kept the company who manufactures q-tip swabs in business! Here’s the thing: earwax is natural and serves a purpose. The presence of wax does not necessarily mean that your ears are dirty. In fact, the daily, repeated act of swabbing out your ears could do a painful amount of damage. Who wants to deal with that?

The American Academy of Otolaryngology, also known as dudes who look after the head, neck, and ears, are very much against the use of swabs inside of the ears. They want you to avoid “impacted cerumen,” which is a giant mass of earwax that can build up inside of your ears. When you jam things, like q-tips, into your ears, you could crush the earwax into a disgusting wad. Eventually, your doctor may have to yank it out! On the bright side, I have heard that having a doctor clean out year’s worth of gunk improves your hearing quite a bit, so you may have that going for you.

Mom and your kindergarten teacher were 100% correct. Anything smaller than your elbow should not go into your ears. Normally, earwax makes its way out of your ears by common motions, like chewing, talking, and flexing your jaw.

Tech Insider reports:

Most people don’t use Q-tips properly and wind up putting them inside their ears to feel “clean.” Big mistake! Not only is ear wax good for you, but putting a Q-Tip anywhere except for the outermost parts of your ear can be a big detriment to your health. 

William H. Shapiro, an audiologist and a clinical associate professor from NYU Langone, reveals why we should stay away from Q-Tips (video above.)

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