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HIGHWAY ROBBERY: Liberal Philadelphia ‘Sugar Tax’ On Drinks Has Former Democrats In An OUTRAGE

How can people afford to buy anything at all?

President-Elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated in a few weeks. The Democrats, the liberal mainstream media, and of course, the Hillary Clinton Campaign had the election rigged, or so they thought. Hillary was to be the heir-apparent to Obama’s disastrous legacy and lead us into eight more years of liberalism.

Unfortunately, for Hillary, the Democrats, and, in truth, the Republican Establishment, people had a different choice in 2016. Jeb Bush and other establishment characters did not have a chance. The winds of change were blowing and voters wanted an outsider, no matter what. Is it any surprise that Donald Trump was able to outrun all of the odds and win both the Republican nomination and the Presidency?

If you are still surprised at Trump’s victory, consider the latest liberal tax in the swing state of Pennsylvania. A “sugary drink” tax has been implemented, and as this consumer’s photo shows, it adds a $3 tax charge onto a $6 drink. That kind of percentage is unbelievable and it hits every voter, even Democrats, squarely in the wallet.

The image of this receipt has gone viral and Twitter is erupted with other protests.

To make matters worse, the tax applies on drinks that do not contain sugar:

It is no wonder that the people revolted. If liberal lawmakers keep up this kind of highway robbery, there will be no more liberals in a few years.

Perhaps that is a good thing?


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