Use A Potato To Light A Room For WEEKS And Save Money [VIDEO]

This technique is so incredible that it HAS TO BE mass produced!

Many of us fail to realize that when we have electricity in our homes, we are among the wealthiest people on the planet. We are accustomed to being attached to a large power grid, we pay our electric bill, and we enjoy comfort and all of our devices all year round.

The system is not bad, but it is not perfect, either. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the grid were smaller, more local, cheaper, and less resource intensive? Every now and then we see an idea that has merit, and this guy’s invention with potatoes is one of those ideas.

The man is a professor of science at the University of Jerusalem, and his name is Him Rabinowitch.

Here’s what Rabinowitch says to do:

First, boil the potato for eight minutes. The boiling process increases the electricity-producing potential by as much as ten times. Once boiled, a single potato can produce about half as much electricity as a conventional AA battery.

Cut the potato in half and attach two pieces of metal to each half. One zinc nail and one copper penny will do it.

potato halves

Here is one example of a potato light that uses multiple potatoes to achieve Haim’s technique.

potato gif

credit: txchnologist

Pretty sweet. As you can see, multiple potatoes can also be used to boost electricity production. Researchers say that potato batteries produce electricity that is between 5 and 50 times cheaper than the commercial equivalent. Incredible!

Check out this full video explanation of potato batteries that could help many in the Third World:

I would have loved to have done this as a science experiment as a kid. I also would love to see electric production lesson in scope and be brought down to the home or neighborhood level, rather than the constant upkeep of a large power grid.

Something tells me that we will be there, soon!


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