Woman Gets MASSIVE Surprise From Sports Fan Behind Her [WATCH]

Everyone was having such a nice time at the game. Then IT happened…

Smartphones and security cameras are everywhere. It makes one wonder what we did before there was a camera in every hand and on every street corner. No wonder cable television is dying. Who wants to watch mediocre fiction that someone dreamed up when we can see live, real-life action that is far better than any late-night, corny sitcom.

Cameras capture funny things all of the time. Consider this sporting event, where a girl gave everything she had to complete the lift. She succeeded but there was a price.

Then, there is the hilarious case of the family photo. Everything was going well. Everyone was lined up for a perfectly-timed camera flash. Nothing could have been more perfectly timed that what happened to the poor blonde in the front, though.

Sometimes, people are just goofing around. Beach pictures are a perfect opportunity for that. Consider what this group of bozos did one day while frolicking at the beach. Can you see it? Hint: It is not the girl on the right.

All of this brings us to this excited sports fan. She was having a ball at the game. Her face and hair were done and she looked beautiful. She is obviously gregarious and well-spoken. Who could have ver predicted what would “go down” that fateful day.

Take a look for yourself:

It appears that no one was injured in this crazy stadium mishap. I would think that the girl would be ok, but that drunk dude took quite a fall. Kaboom!

He looked like a tree crashing down.

Thank goodness for the internet, right?


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