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CREEP: Check Out VP Joe Biden’s Revolting Moves With MULTIPLE WOMEN On The Senate Floor

Can you imagine what would happen if a Conservative did to each of these women what Biden just did?

Even at the bitter end of his time as Vice President, Joe Biden continues to make gaff after gaff, and his blunders often include women.  It is as if he has raging hormones that he cannot control.

Biden’s creepy moves are well-chronicled. Even this tiny girl was creeped out by him. Watch:

On Tuesday, VP Biden was conducting the congressional swearing-in ceremony and his moves with Senator Chuck Grassley’s wife went noticed by everyone. Gross. On the lips? Take a look:

“I wanna know what love is.” #joebiden

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Users on Twitter took notice as well (this user later went on to say that it was Grassley’s wife rather than his mother)

Biden then went on to make one inappropriate comment after another to multiple women.

Were a Republican to ever make a similar remark regarding a female congresswoman, every liberal feminist in America would cry foul.

“You’re not vertical, you’re beautiful,” he added while addressing the wife of Sen. Richard Shelby.

Keep in mind, it was only a couple of short months ago that Biden and the Democrats were trying to paint Trump as an abuser of women.

Typical, liberal hypocrisy. Perhaps, liberals need to clean up their act a little closer to home.


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