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Liberal Girl ‘Alison’ Runs Her Mouth, Learns The Most Epic 2nd Amendment Lesson In The History Of Earth

The Internet is erupting with pleasure and hate over this girl, Alison

Which is more difficult: learning to utilize sound logic or following liberal logic? It is not a trick question but it is a question with an obvious answer. Liberal logic is hypocritical, emotional, and generally, easy to tear apart. The problem is: liberals normally have some sort of mental or emotional problem that prevents them from listening to anyone. They are often insecure.

Consider the case of our liberal, gun-hating friend, Alison. She made the mistake of posting:

“As a woman, I just hope one day I have as many rights as a gun does.”

Brilliant, right? What does she even mean? A gun is an inanimate object and women enjoy nearly unlimited freedom in this world, including the freedom (in America) to own a gun or to not own a gun. Has Alison considered what it would be like for her to live in a Middle Eastern country where women do not have the right to defend themselves?

Unfortunately, for Alison, another Twitter user, Cloyd Rivers, crafted the ultimate pro-2nd Amendment comeback ever:

“So let me get this straight. You want to be banned from polling places on the day of an election, banned from being able to enter government buildings, prohibited on school grounds, not allowed in a business if an owner doesn’t like what you are, put in a locked cage (safe) when you aren’t being used, not be allowed in the passenger cabin of an airplane, and be the topic of a never ending National debate about how dangerous you are to the public and innocent people? Did I understand that correctly?”

Boom! Even if one reads Alison’s statement as some sort of figurative or symbolic assertion, it still does not make any sense.

I am following Cloyd’s logic, though, and I think he nails it on multiple levels.

What do you think?

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