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People Are Going Joyfully Crazy Over What Was JUST SPOTTED In Front of The White House

It has been an eight long years. Finally! It is like a late Christmas present!

Many of us once thought, “there is no way a guy with a questionable background and a name like Barack Hussein can ever be President.” We watched the Republicans nominate John McCain. We watched the rise and fall of Sarah Palin. Then we gritted our teeth and took it when the impossible happened. Barack Hussein Obama was somehow elected President.

It took eight long years. We survived. Through a miracle of all miracles, Obama’s chosen predecessor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, lost the historic Election of 2016 to President-Elect Donald Trump. Now, there are only about two weeks left until Trump’s Inauguration. Obama is almost gone and his legacy is in massive trouble!

The Washington Examiner just reported:

A moving truck was seen on Wednesday parked outside the White House, where President Obama will live and work for just two more weeks.

The truck was parked on West Executive Avenue, a street inside the White House gates and situated in-between the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the West Wing.

A photo of the truck was tweeted by CNN White House reporter Michelle Kosinski.

As you may expect, Twitter is going wild!

Hopefully, the Obamas will not leave The White House in a shambles the way the dead-broke Clintons did. Remember the actions of the Clinton staff as George W. was moving in?

So long, Obama. Now we can Make America Great Again!


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