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SHOCKER: Megyn Kelly Turned Down An ABSOLUTE FORTUNE To Leave Fox News

There must be something bad going on for her to turn down that kind of money

Wouldn’t you love to know the true details behind a massive move like the one that Megyn Kelly is making? I have a couple of theories on the matter, but first, here is what is being reported:

Megyn Kelly is definitely leaving Fox News to join rival, NBC. The financial numbers being reported are staggering.

“We are told, unequivocally, that Kelly never even countered Fox’s generous $100 million offer, because she had made up her mind to move on,” Mediaite reported Wednesday. “In fact, the Fox offer is far higher financially than the one she ultimately accepted from NBC.”

Lachlan Murdoch, the executive chairman at 21st Century Fox, tried to keep Megyn Kelly by offering a financial package of $25 million per year for four years. Of course, as part of the deal, she would keep her own prime time show.

I have two theories as to why Kelly chose to leave anyway:

1- The sexual harassment situation that has been reported at Fox News is simply to much to take and Kelly has become such a star that she has little patience.

2- With President-Elect Donald Trump being inaugurated soon, NBC can set Megyn Kelly up as an anti-Trump force. The two have fought so vigorously in the past, that Kelly can perhaps increase her fame and her position by countering Donald Trump for the next four to eight years. NBC will provide a proven, liberal platform for her to do so.

Why do you think she is leaving?

Take a look at Megan’s personal goodby announcement, below:

A personal and professional note from me to you:

After more than a dozen years at Fox News, I have decided to pursue a new challenge. This was a tough decision for me because I love this show, our staff, my crew, my colleagues here at Fox, and you – all of you.


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