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Trump Is Already Making Surprising SUPREME COURT DECISIONS That Have Liberals In A Panic

Trump’s process indicates that he is more than one step ahead of liberals in creating a new Supreme Court

Everyone knew that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would be choosing replacements for the late Anton Scalia. Scalia’s vacant seat is, of course, important as it will either keeping the balance the court as it was or start to change things.

Trump’s unexpected, historic landslide victory over Hillary Clinton shocked many, perhaps Hillary herself and the liberals more than most. They had the system rigged and were confident of a victory. Now that President-Elect Donald Trump will be choosing Supreme Court nominees, liberals are freaking out even more.

Donald Trump did not get to where he is by being slow or by letting people get ahead of him strategically. It is thought that the replacement of Scalia will be Trump’s best opportunity to place a conservative on the court. Given Scalia’s conservative nature, the Court’s ideological composition will not change much if he is replaced by another conservative.

“You’re basically dealing with a situation where no matter what conservative you put on the court you’re establishing the same parity that existed,” a transition official told Politico. “That is first and foremost in everybody’s minds.”

But what of Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsberg? According to a Tuesday report in Politico, Trump transition officials have begun compiling a list of prominent conservatives who Trump might nominate if Ginsberg or Kennedy were to die or have to leave the court because of health reasons. Ginsberg, one of the court’s foremost liberals, is 83 and has battled cancer. Kennedy, a swing-vote appointed by Reagan, is 80.

Reportedly, Trump’s team is working overtime to find a conservative that liberals will have a difficult time stone-walling. Judge Diane Cykes, of the Chicago-based 7th Federal Appeals Court, is high on the list, even though her husband, radio host Charlie Sykes, has been a harsh critic of Trump. It should be difficult for liberals to oppose a female Supreme Court nominee.

Two things are certain in this case: Trump’s picks could shape the Supreme Court for decades to come, and; liberals are going to lose their minds trying to stop him!


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