Can You Spot The Embarrassing Mistake In This Washington Post ‘Women’s March’ Cover?

They are known for being one of the best, which makes this mistake even more embarrassing!

When a publication with the history and following like The Washington Post makes a massive blunder, people notice. WaPo’s free daily, called the Express, ran a cover story on the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., and they made a mistake that could end up having an editor or two in big trouble.

If you have not seen the full cover yet, take a look. See anything that looks strange?


It makes you wonder how many writers, photographers, graphic design specialists, and editors looked at the cover before it was published?

Still wondering what the problem is? The symbol is the MALE SYMBOL, not the FEMALE SYMBOL! Ouch.

WaPoExpress did acknowledge their mistake.

As you may expect, they are taking quite a beating now that people are finding out about the mistake.

It has also been noted that, in the past, the Express was run by mostly males. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Everyone makes mistakes, though the editor’s of The Washington Post Express certainly wish that this one could have been a little less obvious.



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