EXPOSED: One SURPRISING TERM Dominated Adult Content Searches In 2016

Of all the things people fantasize about, I would not have predicted this as being the “most searched term”

Every year, a review is conducted of the habits of consumers of online adult content. In 2016, one term stood out above the others as the most searched, and it has people everywhere scratching their heads.

Some would guess terms like “M.I.L.F.”, or “teen,” or “lesbian” would be the most popular, but not this past year.

The most searched term listed in this massive survey was “step mom.” You guessed it. People want to see adult images and videos of your dad’s second wife.

The term “step mom” is followed, however, by the ever-popular “lesbian,” then “step-sister,” then “milf.” It is interesting to note that men prefer “step mom” and “step sister” while women prefer “lesbian” and “lesbians scissoring.”

Americans, by themselves, have diverse search preferences. Americans prefer videos from searches like ebony, teen, lesbian, and even “big booty latina.” Americans also searched “big black d!ck” and “ebony”  more than any country in the world.

Consider this graphic that shows insights from the study:


About 25% of the searchers in America are female. Below is a breakdown of female users by country.


It is also interesting to note that online searchers are “age-appropriate,” meaning that “teen,” for example, is searched mostly by 18-24 year olds, while the 65 and older crowd prefers “granny.”

Most users seem to be the most active between 10pm and 1am, which is no surprise, followed by the post-lunch hours of 2pm to 5pm.

2016 was a crazy year. Dailydot puts it like this:

All in all, 2016 was quite a wackadoo year, so it’s fitting that Pornhub saw a rise in Pokémon, Harley Quinn, and, yep, Trump searches. The day after the election, there was a 2,568-percent spike in searches for his youngest, most-elusive daughter Tiffany, followed by stepmom Melania (+1,538 percent), milf Ivanka (+1,169), and dear ol’ Don himself (+874 percent). Eric and Don Jr. didn’t seem to make much of an impact on our libidos, however.

Interesting and unpredictable, right? Now you know!


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