Pat Buchanan: Obama showing bitterness with ‘Let’s Wreck the Place’ Attitude [VIDEO]

Barack Obama, besides being a world-class narcissist, is a vindictive, petty, little man. So many times America has witnessed this type of behavior. He has governed with a “get evenism” attitude against America as if it was his personal mission to take us down a few pegs on the world stage for perceived colonialist crimes against the world from yesteryear. He has spent larges amounts of time fighting against what he believes is the white power structure of capitalist societies. There I said it.

Lucky for us his childish, vengeful behavior interfered a lot with his desires to implement his Marxist visions for Hope and Change, because it takes a lot of effort to be a vindictive, petty, little man when President of the United States being on the world stage most of the time. To give an example of his vindictiveness Barack Obama cut anti-terror funding for New York just to send a message to Senator Chuck Schumer (D – NY) because the senator from New York sided against the President with regards to his Iran nuclear deal.

It has been clearly evident that Obama spent eight years believing he was the smartest man in the room… any room, by consistently hearing that he doesn’t usually act on the advice of his closest advisers if he is hell bent on doing something, and he is always hell bent on doing what he wants to do, even if it hurts the country. He just thinks he’s smarter than all the experts. BTW, why haven’t we seen his college transcripts yet?

To achieve his goals Obama was always willing to break the law many many times by violating the Separation of Powers, even though he excoriated George W Bush for doing so when he first ran in 2008.

Barack Obama has been shot down by the US Supreme Court more than any other modern-day president. You know something’s wrong when your own justices are voting against you.

Obama has politicized and corrupted every federal department to the point where Americans’ trust in their government reached an all-time low.

Nothing is ever Barack Obama’s fault. He has spent years blaming the previous administration for disasters and scandals that have happened on his watch. He very recently floated the idea that he is proud that his administration hasn’t had the kinds of “personal scandals” that have plagued other administrations.

So after lying his way through scandal after scandal for eight very long and dangerous years, after believing his own hype and experiencing the feeling he’s gotten away with borderline criminal behavior, it’s no wonder that Barack Obama is acting very depressed and bitter now that reality has punched him square in the face that his entire legacy will be dissolved within a year.

Via Breitbart News:

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” conservative political commentator and former staffer for Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan Pat Buchanan said President Barack Obama was acting with “bitterness” when today at a meeting on Capitol Hill he told Democrats to resist helping Republicans replace his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act.

Buchanan said, “I think what you are seeing here — If that is an accurate report of what he said — Here is a guy who really feels he’s been rejected and repudiated. I’m astonished he’s letting it show like this. As a departing president I have seen very few that have gone out with the kind of bitterness he has. And a kind of sort of let’s wreck the place before we get out and let’s leave all these land mines in here, so and I think it testifies to the fact that as we heard when Michelle Obama said they have no hope. So they must be in real despair in there at the White House and his behavior portrayed it.”

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