SHE’S BACK! Hillary Clinton Is Gearing Up ALREADY To Run FOR MAYOR

Can her health handle it? Will she be able to stay out of jail long enough to run?

Only 57 days ago, Hillary Clinton lost a historic, rigged election to President-Elect Donald Trump. Liberals everywhere, Hillary being chief among them, were shocked at her loss. They had covered all of their bases. Voter fraud was to be at record levels. The media was covering for her. Yet somehow, against all of these odds, Donald Trump outran the angle and defeated her.

With the Internet and new sources like WikiLeaks serving as game changers, Hillary simply could not fool enough people to win The White House. She needs a liberal breeding ground to run a successful, winning campaign, and, fortunately for her, she has one. It is a festering, corrupt, liberal hive that could elect Hillary, and it is called New York City.

Newsmax is reporting that Hillary is talking about running for Mayor of New York City, and they say, with confidence, “If she ran, she’d win.”

There is ample evidence to support their statement.

Hillary Clinton was a Senator in New York’s from 2001 to 2009. Her popularity peaked at 60 percent during her time there.

She also easily defeated Trump in New York during the Presidential Election of 2016, 59% to 36.5%. In New York City alone, she took 78.59% percent of the vote, a whopping 1,969,920 total ballots.

Hank Sheinkopf, a New York Democratic consultant, told Newsmax, “She is wildly popular among New Yorkers — so much so that were she to file, [Mayor Bill] de Blasio would have to file his retirement papers on the same day.”

“She’s talking about it,” a former elected city official told Newsmax.

Clinton “would be a terrific candidate for mayor,” Sheinkopf said.

Current NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has been struggling for some time, with his popularity averaging well below 50%.

Should Hillary run? She likely would like to end her career as a winner.

Can her health handle it? Will she stay out of jail? Time will tell.


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