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SURPRISE: Fox News Just Announced Who Is Replacing Megyn Kelly

Most people did not see this coming. Did you?

Ever since Megyn Kelly’s blockbuster announcement about her departure from Fox News, people have been debating who would replace her.

Earlier, we reported that she turned down an unbelievable amount to leave Fox and work for NBC.

Given Megyn Kelly’s volatile relationship with President-Elect Donald Trump, a move to a more liberal network like NBC may prove to be a smart one for her. As a mouthpiece for a liberal news organization, Kelly can counter Trump, daily, for the next four to eight years. People love drama and controversy, and Kelly, NBC, and Trump can certainly provide it.

Some have thought that conservative internet personality Tomi Lahren would serve as a quality replacement for Megyn Kelly, though Lahren is a relative new-comer to the industry. Others believe that Michelle Malkin would be a good choice, though Malkin is already established and, in the eyes of many, fills a different role than Kelly did. Other commentators at Fox, like Shannon Bream or Heather Nauert, are wildly talented but somehow do not seem as controversial or “in-your-face” as Kelly once did.

Surprisingly, Fox News is going a totally different direction with Kelly’s vacant 9pm Eastern Standard Time slot. “The Kelly File,” as it was called, is being replaced with Tucker Carlson’s show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Is this a good call for Fox? Since the show first aired in November, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has given the network a historic ratings boost. At least 3.7 million watched its debut.

It is also true that, by replacing Kelly with a male commentator, rather than a similar female, comparisons between the two will be less exciting, and therefore, will likely happen less.

Megyn Kelly’s last day on the Fox News network is Friday.

Will the changes be good for Kelly, Carlson, and Fox? Time will tell…


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